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Ethiopia warns against harassing parliamentarians over martial law

The Ethiopian government warned on Tuesday it will take measures against individ...

What triggered unrest in Ethiopia?

How will PM Hailemariam Desalegn’s resignation affect the future of Africa’s sec...

Ethiopia prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigns

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic...

Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia Stoked by Social Media from U.S.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Feb 11 2018 (IPS) – In Ethiopia social media is a double-...

Roads, trains to link Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to establish railways and roads to connect...

Ethiopia Oromia leader’s political capital shoots after release from detention

Dr. Merera Gudina a leading opposition voice in Ethiopia continues his political...

Sisi: “Dam Dispute With Sudan, Ethiopia Resolved”

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Monday declared in capital Addis Abab...

Ethiopia could be sitting on world’s great untapped gold deposits

Gold mining has a legendary history in Ethiopia, with Ethiopian mines providing ...

This DC Taxi Driver Was a Superstar in Ethiopia

As a young man living in Addis Ababa during the swinging 60s, Hailu Mergia was...

Ethiopian-Israeli teen wins ‘X-Factor’

An Ethiopian-Israeli teenager who went viral for a performance of pop star Dem...

Jano Band to release second album

After a long wait since they released their first album Ertale, the rock music...

BBC launches Radio services for Ethiopia and Eritrea

The BBC is launching new daily radio services which will be aired Monday to Fr...

US Embassy Kicks Off Film Competition

The U.S. Embassy is excited to announce this year’s video competition under th...

Mikaya’s second album takes over the music market

The highly anticipated posthumous second album of Mikaya Behailu dropped this ...

Honoring an ailing Ethiopian film industry

The Ethiopian film industry may not be as celebrated as Hollywood, but that ha...

Meet the first Ethiopian fashion designer

Tsion Andom is the elder sister of the late general Aman Amdom and the first E...
Here’s our list of the best Ethiopian radio stations; for access to live streams, simply click the name of the station from the list of Ethiopian radio stations below.

Ethiopian Radio Stations

ethiopian-fm-radio Deutsche Welle Amharic
EBC Radio
Fana Radio
Sheger FM
VOA Amharic Radio
Zami FM

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ethiopian music list
**** All Ethiopian Collection ****
**** Amharic Collection ****
**** Instrumental Collection ****
**** Oldies Collection ****
**** Oromiffa Collection ****
**** Tigrigna Collection ****
Abbush Zallaqaa
Abby Lakew
Abdu Kiar
Abeba Desalegn
Abebe Teka
Abinet Agonafir
Abonesh Adinew
Abraham Gebremedhin
Abrehet Abdu
Ahmed Teshome
Aklilu Seyum
Alemayehu Eshete
Alem Kebede
Ali Birra
Anteneh Werku
Aregahegn Worash
Asnakech Werku
Aster Aweke
Aziz Hagos
Bezawerk Asfaw
Bezuayehu Demissie
Bizunesh Bekele
Chalachew Ashenafi
Dawit Melesse
Desalegn Mersha
Ejigayehu Shibabaw (GIGI)
Elias Tebabel
Ephrem Tamiru
Eyob Mekonnen
Fikradis Nekatibeb
Gedion Daniel
Genene Haile
Genet Masresha
Gerawork Nekatibeb
Getachew Kassa
Gete Anley
Getu Omahirie
Gossaye Tesfaye
Hagos Gebrehiwet
Haileyesus Girma
Hailiye Tadesse
Haimanot Girma
Hamelmal Abate
Hana Shenkute
Henok Abebe
Helen Berhe
Hibist Tiruneh
Hirut Beqele
Jacky Gosee
Jah Lude
Kasa Tesema
kennedy Mengesha
Kiros Alemayehu
Koysha Seta
Kuku Sebsebe
Madingo Afework
Mahlet Gebregiorgis
Mahmoud Ahmed
Manalemosh Dibo
Marta Hailu
Mary Armede
Melkamu Tebeje
Menelik Wossenachew
Mesfin Abebe
Mesfin Bekele
Mezmur Yohannes
Michael Belayneh
Micaiah Behailu
Muluken Melesse
Nati Haile
Netsanet Melese
Neway Debebe
Nigusuu Taammiraat
Rahel Yohannes
Sayat Demissie
Semahegn Belew
Seyoum Tilahun
Shewandagne Hailu
Sileshi Demissae (Gash Abera Mola)
Solomon Deneke
Solomon Haile
Tamrat Desta
Tamrat Mola
Teddy Afro
Tekle Tesfazghi
Teshome Asegid
Teshome Demissie
Teshome Mitiku
Teshome Wolde
Tewodros Tadesse
Tibebu Werkiye
Tigist Afework
Tigist Bekele
Tigist Fantahun
Tigist Weyesso
Tilahun Gessesse
Tirhas Tareqe
Tsedenia Gebremarkos
Tsegaye Eshetu
Tsehay Yohannes
Woubeshet Feseha
Yehunie Belay
Yirdaw Tenaw
Yoseph Gebre (Jossy)
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